Red, Pink, and Somewhere In Between...

I love those "off-the-beaten-path" wines! Little unusual trinkets from all over the world are such a wine geek´s delight....are you one too?

My 3 picks for geek-week are all under $20!


Fritz Müller Perlwein Rosa Trocken, Rheinhessen, Germany $19.99

Rojac Refošk, Istria, Slovenia $18.99

Pascal Janvier „Cuvée du Rosier“ Coteaux du Loir, Loire, France $18.99

     * Explorer’s Special: Buy 1 of each for $50 for the trio! 

Rosé: Fritz Müller Perlwein Rosa Trocken

Complicated name, simply tasty wine! 

Let me break it down for you....Perlwein means lightly sparkling; Rosa guessedé; and Trocken means dry! 

This fun wine is a big hit at Table 3, where we serve it by the glass. It’s a bit like rosé Prosecco...refreshing, delicious with smoked salmon, and quite gulpable!

Red: Rojac Refošk, Istria, Slovenia

That’s right...Slovenia! Dark magenta red and unlike anything else you’ve had. This Refosco reminds me a bit of Barolo, but with a big fat winter fur coat on. The aromas spill out of the glass with dark wild berry and aged sweet balsamic notes with polished leather, orange skin and clove to boot. I love the grippy tannins and the Nebbiolo-like bright flavors with the perfect acidity to match up to a venison roast with cranberry compote, or a well marbled rib-eye. 

And to boot, this wine is Certified Organic.

Somewhere-in-between: Pascal Janvier „Cuvée du Rosier“ Coteaux du Loir 

How to describe the color’s looks like pale red cherry juice. 


But this Loire Valley indigenous red varietal called Pineau d’Aunis is anything BUT light in flavor! White and black peppercorn, rose water, wet grass and distinct chalky minerality ride along with the tart morello cherry and wild strawberry aromas that all follow through on the bone-dry, bright and tangy finish. Try this with fresh goat cheese and lingonberry spread on crostinis! Delicious ever so slightly chilled, by the way. 

Proßt y’all!

Elise Loehr